Sisters Of Mercy “When You Don’t See Me”

Soulja Boy “Turn my Swag On”

Modern Baseball “Rock Bottom”

Showbiz & A.G. “I’m Not the One”

Cut Off Your Hands “Nostalgia”

KRS-One “Ova Here”

Lace Curtains “The Fly”

Daft Punk “Doin’ it Right” (featuring Panda Bear)

Sally Oldfield “Blue Water”

The ReMINDers “The Way it Is”

Some local flavor..

First Aid Kit “Ghost Town”

During experiments on the axons of the longfin squid in Woods Hole, we were taken in by the beauty of the fast changing color of the skin. The squid’s skin contains many colorful light-reflecting cells called chromatophores. We wanted to try to stimulate the fin nerve directly from our iPod. The results were both interesting and beautiful.

The video is a view through an 8x microscope zoomed in on the dorsal side of the squid’s fin. We used a suction electrode to stimulate the fin nerve.

More details can be found here:

and an explanation of how it works can be found on our TED talk:

The Field Mice “Sensitive”

Balmorhea “Pyrakantha”